Working out the Details

I don’t really have a lot to say about these.  Just a few things in progress.  🙂



A Green Monarch, by Amanda Griffiths


This beautiful green monarch, beaded by Amanda Griffiths, is a sophisticated example of alternate palette possibilities. …exquisite!
And she’s graciously offered to share her gift with us. Her talent enriches us all!

A = DB10
B = DB202
C = DB178
D = DB152
E = DB175
F = DB174
G = DB171

Thank you, Amanda!

Winged Warps Blue Morpho Pattern

I beaded the blue Morpho in 2015 as a gift.  The vibrant colors of Blue Morpho butterflies are breathtaking and I endeavored to honor nature’s brilliance with this piece.


The pattern has been edited and tested by my wonderful group of editors and we think it’s ready to release…but please let me know if you find an error.  I offer the pattern free for personal use.  Terms of use apply.  All rights reserved

Please enjoy and share your experience with me.


As before, Amy Blevins kindly offered to assemble delica kits for this pattern in her etsy shop